Teach Tennis

Teach Tennis International has moved teaching from books, clipboards and red pens to a real-time sophisticated platform tailored to the needs of Coaches and their students. Eskimo was challenged to developer literally a teaching revolution for potentially tens of millions of young children learning to play tennis. There has been a historical breakdown in communication between the coaches, students and their parents but thanks to the flexibility of modern web technology we have developed nothing short of the beginnings of a revolution in the sport. Already endorsed by world renowned coach Pete McCraw, the TTI platform is set to become essential for any coaching academy if not an industry standard.

  • Player and parent management for coaches
  • Structured training platform with fully digital workflow
  • Group management for easy mass player management
  • Mobile App to allow seemless assessments for Coaches
  • Extensive player overviews giving a clear picture of their progress
  • Premium quality web interface
  • Unparalleled product in the marketplace
  • Backed by an established coaching network Teach Tennis International


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