Yoyster is a revolutionary holiday research and booking experience that will offer a simple and intuitive way by which consumers can view, research and book the perfect destination for their holidays – who wouldn’t like to know about where you are going before you choose to stay there?

You can think of Yoyster as your own personal travel agent, a holiday booking companion that offers recommendations on holiday destinations all over the world, matched exactly to specific requirements. You tell Yoyster what you want out of a holiday destination and it uses a smart matching engine to return results that suit your criteria.

Yoyster doesn’t stop there though, because we know that booking a holiday often isn’t a solo mission. Yoyster allows you to invite members of your group to collaborate around holiday ideas, so recommendations can be narrowed down to the perfect destination, delivering a great holiday that suits everyone’s needs.

Yoyster’s matching engine is powered by an internet bot (or web crawler) which systematically browses the World Wide Web indexing the travel and holiday websites (flights, holidays, news, reviews etc.) we point it to. Yoyster Bot will be programmed to search for specific keyword terms from specific sites, for example; sun, family, party, relaxing, beach, lively… Building up an index of destinations around the world where all of these keywords sit – a global map of holiday sentiment.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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