Admiral Insurance

Admiral set out to challenge the brand’s perception of social data and customer engagement. The marketing team partnered with Husky to curate four campaigns that would excite and incentivise it’s policy holders in a way they had not yet dared. 

All campaigns offered customers an incentive to come to the Elephant branded microsite and login with Facebook. By providing access to their public profile, likes and tagged places, customers were rewarded with voucher of a nominal amount or in some campaigns the chance to win a larger prize.

The data obtained from each user experience significantly expanded the brand’s knowledge of their customers. Through analyzing the website data alone we were able to obtain previously untapped information such as locations, devices and dwell time. 

The Husky campaigns have enabled Admiral to trial and test common misconceptions surrounding social data. Following the resounding success of the campaigns, the decision of whether to introduce social login on their own platform has become a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’. 

As an insurance brand, Elephant has been empowered by its new found knowledge and understanding of it’s policy holders. Enabling highly successful acquisition campaigns, increased customer loyalty and renewed brand awareness. 

Online feedback from an Admiral customer/blogger:


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