Husky Social

Husky is a social registration and marketing platform that delivers social graph insight and behavioural data. Not only is Husky a quick way to capture fans and customers through a social login button, it ensures that the data is kept safe and available in a useful format to your business.

Husky can help win new customers and keep them longer though identifying ambassadors; rewarding loyalty; enabling targeted gifting, and personal recommendations. More data is just more data… Husky enables you to segment, share and query the data then export it into other marketing or CRM platforms.

From live website: Husky, your trusted global partner, allows you to know your customer and their ever changing preferences like never before. You can offer them personalised content, recommendations and rewards making all of your communication entirely relevant. We deliver this communication via the most trusted of sources, the recommendation from friends.

It is this combination, giving your customers what they want through channels they want it from. Making Husky the perfect marketing toolkit for marketers seeking data driven returns.


Enabling consumers to quickly register details for brand marketing & promotional campaigns using a simple, single click social login. This is a faster registration process creating an enhanced user experience. Specialists in working with Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in, our expertise in these limited networks ensure a richer and more valuable data source.


Your data is always safe with Husky. We have multiple internal and external layers of security and use banking-grade secure logins to protect both you and your customer’s information. Our data storage infrastructure is designed to accommodate unlimited concurrent logins and is load balanced and stress tested to ensure maximum uptime.


Your captured data is clearly presented within a proprietary bespoke dashboard offering you quick and easy access wherever and whenever you need. In addition to displaying the data captured from social connect you’ll be able to overlay this with transactional, marketing or analytical data. For example, this can allow you to view not only who and for how long potential customers browse your website, but their age, gender, location, purchasing likes and their social interests. Building a relevant e-marketing campaign is as easy as clicking a button with our integrated export functionality to multiple text and email platforms.


Learning who is important to your business is our business! Using our bespoke, powerful algorithms, we can use your specified criteria to understand and learn who the ’advocates’ or ’ambassadors’ of your company are. Enabling gifting, recommendations and member-get-member, Husky discovers readily available information from your customer base to produce outstanding ROI.

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