Samsung Galaxy Studio Live

Eskimo have a unique skill set spanning technology and a knowledge of the music business. Samsung gave them a challenge and they built and delivered a solution that will re-define how people enjoy live music in future.


Eskimo was briefed in August 2013 on a new way to experience live music. A series of events would showcase up-and-coming talent whilst using mobile technology to bring artists closer to their fans. We designed the Smart Ticket App to allow artist interaction prior to the event, NFC ticketing and cashless payments during show, and exclusive content the moment the event ended.

The events were a resounding success, hailed as futuristic yet accessible to everyday music fans.

The Samsung Galaxy Studio Live nights proved that Samsung can do things with music and live events which no other brand can.

These truly felt like the gigs of the future, and established Samsung as the masters of NFC technology, smartphone event integration and a true understanding of what can enhance a fan’s night out at a concert. And all while creating a strong, positive link between the brand and the concertgoers for the duration of each event.


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