The Jam Exhibition

The Challenge

The Jam were keen to break out of the traditional ticketing methods by putting the ticket back into hands of their fans and out of those malicious resellers.

The Jam also wished to find a way of collecting data on who attended their exhibitions and events so that they could start to gather insight on their fans and better plan future events and campaigns.

The Solution

A self-service, ticket selling platform and access control solution that uses smartphones and tablets to securely scan QR codes on tickets. The platform is fully integrated with an e-commerce payment gateway.

Tickets are delivered via a mobile App, which prevents touts and offers real added value to the fans who are rewarded with access to exclusive content and with an engaging more immersive overall experience of the event.

The App was integrated with VCodes, innovative next-gen QR codes that allowed users to scan codes in the museum and view contextual videos direct within the App. Two could be permanently saved as keepsakes for customers.

The Outcome

The Jam regained control of their events and established a direct relationship with wider fans base:

  • 21,000 tickets sold through the box office
  • Fan engagement and experience increased as a result of fair pricing, no hidden fees or¬†third party involvement.
  • The Jam gained invaluable insight that is helping them to plan events more efficiently¬†and to design and roll out successful marketing and promotion campaign.

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