Video Push Platform

VPP is a world-first solution for pushing content, up to 15 minutes, to mobile devices.

The proprietary technology uses a scalable framework to push short-form HD videos and contextualised advertising, to one device or millions.

VPP gives content owners a proactive control over content to mobile devices previously only enjoyed by TV broadcasters.

“If advertisers want to capture the future of video and participate in this growth, they should partner with the firms that are doing incredibly well in mobile video”

– Robert Kyncl, Head of Video Content Operations, YouTube, 2015 

Key Benefits

Content Publishers

• Exclusive content & personalised experiences for loyal customers
Improved content discoverability

• Increased penetration of low/unreliable connectivity markets


• Proactive and targeted advertising

• Mitigation of ad-blocking 

• Reduction of click & ad-fraud

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